Workshops at Garbo House

Saturday, January 18

Beautiful Bold Beginnings: a day retreat
Join Pippa Best and Leif Olsen for a special one-off day retreat. £40 inc lunch.


Welcome the new year and all its beautiful bold beginnings, with a group of inspiring and supportive women.
There will be yoga, delicious food, vision boarding, simple practices to release what no longer serves us, and time to celebrate all we learnt in 2019. Along with lots of creative inspiration to move into 2020 feeling revitalised and clear.
It’s soul nurturing. Time for us. To breathe. To stretch. To make. To be heard.

Saturday, February 1

Peri/Menopause Workshop: Kate Buford and Leif Olsen. 10am-2pm. £40 inc lunch.
Designed to encourage a deeper understanding and give us tools to prepare and support us through this time.


Combining Yoga, Shiatsu, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Herbs and Discussion to inspire wellness and health.

Saturday, February 15

Come As You Are: Meditation For Real Humans: £20 / 10am -1pm
Alicia Waters


An Exploration of the Essential Breath, the Nervous System, and Stillness as a Window to Freedom and Ease.
Why do so many people like the idea of meditation but find it challenging to practice? What causes the feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and irritability that can arise when we try to slow down and be still? And more importantly, what can we do about it?
This style of practice was born out of my experience leading first-time, or new-ish meditators during yoga trainings and retreats. Even with enthusiasm and the best of intentions, almost everyone struggled mightily when it came to meditation time. I was leading the sessions in the “traditional” way as I was taught, but there was no denying the evidence that it wasn’t working for most of the participants. (So if this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!)
After studying the intricacies of the nervous system, it started to become clear what was missing. I realized that the common ways that we approach meditation can actually activate the nervous system, rather than settle it down, which can lead us into states of distress without the tools to come back to centre. Trying to meditate without an understanding of / relationship to the nervous system and the breath is like wandering into a deep forest with no map. You might find your way to the other side, but you might also wind up lost going around and around in circles.
In this workshop, we’ll cover:
– the basics of the nervous system and how it relates to the breath
– tools you can you in your everyday life (and on your meditation cushion) to regulate the nervous center when it becomes frazzled
– why a regulated nervous system is absolutely necessary for successful (and enjoyable!) meditation
– how to approach meditation so that there’s space for you, in all your glorious humanity, no matter what’s going on in your life at the moment
– alternative ways of understanding meditation beyond “stopping the thoughts” – what meditation really is and why we’d be interested in doing it
We will combine a little bit of lecture/discussion with some soothing movement (very gentle and accessible to all bodies) and plenty of opportunity to experience this style of meditation first-hand. There will be time for questions and discussion at the end.
Alicia is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher living in West Cornwall. She has been facilitating classes, workshops, international retreats and teacher trainings since 2010 and she is passionate about approaching the practice in a way that reveals each individual’s inherent worth and wholeness.

Saturday, February 29

The magical resilience of the pelvic floor: 10am-1pm.
In this workshop we will explore the anatomy of the pelvic floor through breath work, asana, group work and discussion. £25.


We will look at optimum position of the pelvis for supporting this important structure and how yoga can help.
The relationship of the pelvic ‘diaphragm’ with the other ‘diaphragms’ in the body and how we can develop a more responsive and positive dialogue with the pelvic bowl.
What different symptoms might indicate for sexual pleasure and possible implications for giving birth/post partum and post menopause. Getting to grips with an understanding of your pelvic floor could be the best gift you can give yourself.
Please note that there will be frank terminology but all explorations are external during the workshop.
Amanda Brown
01326318776 for more information.

Saturday, March 7

Brightening Our Inner Landscape: 10am-1pm
In this workshop we’ll be mainly focusing on anxiety, understanding where the felt sense begins and ways in which we can gently help ease the nervous system into a calmer response to these sensations. £25.



In this workshop we’ll be mainly focusing on anxiety, understanding where the felt sense begins and ways in which we can gently help ease the nervous system into a calmer response to these sensations. I will also share some self regulating techniques.
If you are one of many women who regularly suffer with anxiety or panic attacks I’d love to invite you along to this session.
We’ll be doing some gentle yoga postures, some subtle breathing techniques, I’ll share and discuss how the nervous system plays a large role in triggering our anxieties and panics. We’ll finished with some restorative yoga postures and a nice yoga Nidra.
contact Karli Kissling 07798657452

Saturday, March 21

Music Therapy: with Stephanie Allen. 10am-1pm
With careful guidance from the therapist, clients are encouraged to explore and develop their own positive resources.


A positive resource can be as simple as a feeling or experience in which the client felt happy or content; A beautiful sunrise, that satisfying cup
of tea, a hug or a kind message. Selected recorded music will focus and deepen  the experience, resulting in an enhanced feeling of one’s own sense of self and  security. As the music is played, the client is invited to express their feelings and  emotions by using art materials, thereby further augmenting the experience and creating something more tangible.

This is a short-term form of therapy, designed not to analyse the clients psyche, but rather concentrate on the building and strengthening of the ego.

These 90-minute initial group sessions will be focusing on self-esteem.
FFI email

Saturday, March 28

 The Making and Taking of Helpful Herbs: The Making and Taking of Helpful Herbs. Self Care for the Spring season with Penwith Herbalist Janet Hay, 10am-1pm. £25.


This workshop will be an opportunity to learn about helpful herbs that can support health and wellbeing in Spring and Summer. We will look at,  taste and touch some of the plants growing around us and their amazing qualities.
We will also make a lip balm to take home.
Janet has been a qualified Herbalist for 17 years and has been living and practicing Cornwall for 16.
Cost- £25.


Saturday, April 18

The 3 Hour Tapping Challenge: Freedom From Fears, Phobias and Overwhelm Through Emotional Freedom with Wendy Stoten. This half-day event is in aid of Wendy’s Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser. For just £25.


Wendy will give you a simple but revolutionary tool to tangibly shift any emotional issues – no matter how deeply rooted or how long you’ve been living with them.

During this fun, interactive 3 hour tapping challenge you will:

• Discover exactly what tapping is and how it can work for you
• Experience first-hand its power and effectiveness at breaking through long-standing emotional issues
• Take away a powerful new self-help tool that you can use long after the workshop has ended

But is it really possible to a feel tangible shift with your own long standing issues … in a short group tap session … without having to tell anyone anything? … Really?

Well, actually, yes! …..BUT….. if you don’t experience a tangible shift during the 3 Hour Tapping Challenge, you’ll get your money back!

No shifts felt – your £25 workshop fee is returned. 

Shifts felt – your £25 goes to support Wendy’s Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser* 

About Wendy: 

Wendy is well known in the world of Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting often better known as ‘tapping therapy’, and always keeps up with latest developments and trainings in the exciting, rapidly changing world of Neuroscience

She has helped thousands of clients of all ages and backgrounds break through fears, transform their lives and fulfil their true potential.

There are just 12 places available on this challenge. Call Wendy on 07419 335424 or email to reserve yours. 

Wendy’s Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser

This fundraiser is in memory of Wendy’s cousin Liz who died of ovarian cancer in December 2019.  

Wendy is on a quest to raise money and awareness so that more women can benefit from early diagnosis and effective early treatment which will mean more lives saved. Something that’s not happening enough, thanks to ovarian cancer wrongly being known as the silent killer. 

This workshop is part of a series of events which will culminate with an alpaca trek – Liz’s own belovedanimals – from her alpaca farm in Essex to the Target Ovarian Cancer HQ in London, visiting hospitals and hospices along the routeYour support is hugely appreciated.

Saturday April 25

The Healing Sea: A Soul Retreat: With Pippa Best, 10am – 1pm,( followed by a dip).


When we feel overwhelmed, it can be hard to make time to care for ourselves – yet the sea is always there to soothe and strengthen us. This simple morning retreat hosted by Pippa Best, founder of Sea Soul Blessings, is a chance to come together and reconnect to the water – appreciating the many benefits of time in nature, finding ways to develop your own self compassion and mindfulness practices, and trying out simple tools with the capacity to calm, soothe and inspire us.

We’ll start at Garbo House to explore ways to boost our resilience and hope, using Sea Soul Blessings. Then, whatever the weather, we’ll head to the beach to deepen our connection to nature and try some mindful beach activities. Together, we’ll gather the energy we need to tend to ourselves, to those we love, and to our planet.

And weather permitting, there will be a chance to have an optional (unlifeguarded!) dip in the sea afterwards…

More information and tickets can be found here.

Saturday, May 2

Womb of Inspiration: Sarka Forsyth working with a small group of women (max 12) to introduce techniques which will enable you to reconnect with the womb.


Hara and remember the heart and womb connection in order to help with fertility, menopause, menstrual bleeding and pregnancy. Open to all women, we shall be meeting a herb in the form of tea followed by bodywork in pairs. No prior experience necessary.
Donation £10-20. Contact

Saturday, June 13

The Garden Within: A woman workshop in the ways of the womb with Gabriela Gutierrez. 10am-1pm, £25.


This workshop introduces participants to vibrant practices from within an ancient lineage to restore, revitalise and transform our Inner Garden.
Gabriela is an international healer and teacher.
For more information and to book contact

Saturday June 20

Midsummer Retreat: Release, Refocus and Recharge With Pippa Best and Leif Olsen
10am-4pm. £35/45 tickets


We’ll celebrate the summer solstice together: a chance to reflect on the year so far, reconnect to nature, and draw in some extra energy and inspiration to keep moving forward through 2020. You can expect encouragement and connection, gentle yoga stretches, delicious healthy food, and some simple creative activities to inspire you to approach the rest of the year with renewed confidence and refreshed motivation.

We’ll recharge together, and weather permitting, bask in some sun and sea. We’re hoping we’ll have a chance to dip our toes (or whole self) into the sea for a solstice dip if you fancy that  – although this is entirely optional of course! If the weather isn’t co-operating, we’ll bring the magic of nature inside.

It’s precious time, rest and renewal in a circle of supportive and inspiring women. Space to pause, to reflect on the year so far, and release anything you’d like to let go of now in order to move forward more clearly.  It’s soul nurturing. Time for us. To breathe. To stretch. To make. To be heard. To be together.

Saturday, July 4

Peri/Menopause Workshop: Kate Buford and Leif Olsen. 10am-2pm. £40 inc lunch.

Designed to encourage a deeper understanding and give us tools to prepare and support us through this time.


Combining Yoga, Shiatsu, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Herbs and Discussion to inspire wellness and health.