Pregnancy Yoga with Leif was so beneficial throughout my pregnancy, it taught me how to work with my changing body and how to relax and enjoy those changes. The breathing exercises we were taught, really made all the difference through my labour, Leif installed confidence every week by speaking positively about birth and explaining how we are designed for this journey of pregnancy and labour. The classes were a place to go and completely relax and move in comfortable ways to enable you to enhance your strength and stamina for getting 'bigger' and for labour. Leif's teaching is fantastic and she is so knowledgeable and most importantly calming! I feel very lucky to have had such a great class to enjoy through my pregnancy and will not hesitate to attend the classes once again for the next time round!

Kate Venning

I feel very proud of you as i was your first pregnant lady!! Rememeber those first few sessions whan it was just you and me and my bump who is now a healthy 10 year old (going on 16). Well done Leif you are an inspiration and help to so many women in these medicalised times. Keep up the good work, Sarah xx

Sarah Waters

Always recommend your classes when asked about Yoga for pregnancy. Bronwen and I were not quite the first class, but close to, she is 9 and going to senior school in 2014! Jenna is 7 and we had a great birth! Whatever the birthing experience, your classes help give us the tools to make the best of the birthing experience and make informed choices, hence empowering us. This is something the NHS does not seem to help with, at times seeming to positively discourage it. Perhaps times have changed, I hope so. THANKS LEIF. X

Hannah Benham