Morning retreats

These are on-line, via Zoom classes from 6-7am Monday to Friday.

Please get in touch for dates of these and details of recordings.


These are on-line, via Zoom classes from 6-7am Monday to Friday.

Please get in touch for dates of these and details of recordings.
07877 738494


Precious Time

Oh Leif, I am loving it. It’s like stolen time just for us and it feels so precious. I loved all of last week, the repetition is great. It kind of freed me up to be mindful and present. This morning was wonderful too and I love it that by 7am, I feel my day has got off to a positive start.

Connected to my Body

I love that you have done a one-month retreat online. It makes it very accessible, especially for someone who is a mum to two youngsters. You seem to know about any insecurities I have had and have given sound advice to try to smooth these out. I feel so privileged to be learning this new way of waking up to the world each day and even during the day, I’m thinking about the things you have taught in class. I wanted to feel more connected to my body, spirit and the earth and this is absolutely doing that. You are awesome.


I really like Leif’s way, She’s so grounded and I feel connected to her even though I don’t know her.

Energy Levels

Enlightening. Renewing my energy levels and setting up good habits to carry me through the summer months.

Strong and Deep

I’m really loving it, gentle, gentle – but strong and deep. Doing it first thing in the morning, suits me and it’s with me throughout the day. I will definitely do it again. Thanks a million.

What I’ve been Waiting For

With life, kids and work to juggle, I’ve found it hard to make yoga and meditation a daily morning practice in my life – even though I know how beneficial both those things are to my mental and physical health. So when Leif offered this month of morning classes, I realised it was the chance I’d been waiting for! 

Lovely Feeling

I love Leif’s yoga. She’s always so encouraging and connecting, offering a precious space to go deep within and respond to your own needs and energy. I find it really helpful having that external incentive to get up early and put my own needs first. I don’t have to think about what to do, I just get to slowly ease myself into it, guided by Leif, knowing that there are a group of other amazing women doing the same thing in their own homes. Such a lovely feeling of quiet community. 

Highly Recommended

The impact of the earlier start on me and others in the family was definitely an adjustment for all of us, but it has been so worth it. After just a week of mornings with Leif, I’m feeling calmer and more supple. My morning sea swim is now even more delicious after all that lovely stretching, and I’m finding it easier to keep taking good care of myself as the day progresses. What a treat – I highly recommend it.

Time To Myself

Really helped get my routine back after letting everything slip in this third lockdown. I am really valuing the extra bit of time to myself in the mornings and I’m noticing that I’m not holding onto the stress that normally builds up in my body during an average day.