Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Encourages pelvis to open in preparation for birth
  • Prevents and alleviates bad backs
  • Improves sleep
  • Guides baby into optimum position
  • Aids relaxation.
  • Improves breathing technique for coping with pain.
  • Maintain healthy pelvic floor
  • Connect with the pregnancy
  • Helps you stay fit and well
  • Empowering
  • Promotes recovery postnatally

Yoga and pregnancy really are a match made in heaven.

There is no better way to maintain your health and well being and to prepare your body and mind for the birth. The yoga is simple and gentle with the emphasis of nurturing rather than challenging and is completely suitable for all woman including those with no yoga experience. SEE MORE

My classes – which are endorsed by Penwith midwives – usually include a discussion on a relevant topic such as nutrition, natural pain relief, labour breathing techniques, active birth positions, post natal care, breast feeding advice and more.

The class always ends with a full relaxation which is usually what the body needs most. For many of the woman that come a very important part of the class is being with other pregnant woman, sharing and learning from each others experiences and creating friendships that continue into motherhood.
There are never any guarantees with child birth but doing all you can in pregnancy to prepare yourself mentally and physically gives you the best chance of a positive birth experience. So many woman ring me up after their births, even if it didn’t go to plan and say how much the yoga and breathing helped.

Birth preparation: a workshop for pregnant women and their partners
Research shows that a positive birth supporter can really make a difference to a woman’s experience in labour. That’s why every few months I run this workshop so that both of you can be as prepared as possible.

This workshop aims to give birth supporters a good understanding of the labour process and of a woman’s changing needs throughout so that he can then meet her needs and support her effectively.

We’ll discuss the stages of labour and the importance of being relaxed and also go through the birth breathing technique. I’ll teach a pain relieving massage, which is great for contractions. We’ll explore active birth positions and their benefits. We’ll also look at ways of dealing with problems that may arise, how to speed up a labour and where is best for you to have your baby.

For details on class times or to book a private session, please contact Leif Olsen on 07877 738494 or by email: