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Menopause lifestyle top tips

This profound transition in a women’s life may well span up to a decade. It’s not a disease but a normal and healthy event.
It is a great time to start to really looking after yourself and prioritising your well being.
We don’t always need to look to expensive supplements or medication to help us through the menopausal journey. A few simple life style changes can make the world of difference.

Drink water

Every function of every cell in our bodies works better if we’re hydrated.

Remove stress

Stress has a knock on effect on our mental, physical and emotional well being. Do what you can to minimise stress and replace with things that nourish you.
When our ovaries stop producing oestrogen the adrenals start to produce a small amount which help the balance and so lessen the symptoms. If our adrenals are already exhausted from too much stress they can’t take on the job of producing oestrogen as well.

Touch the ground

There are many profound and beautiful benefits of being in nature but actually standing bare foot on the ground takes it one step further. Check out this 10 min podcast for a quick intro into the all the ways it can boost us.


Take time to settle your breath, let it be gentle. Your whole nervous system will soften and your hormones will come into better balance.

Avoid sugar

Nutritional advice is a minefield but all the books I’ve read agree that cutting out or at least cutting back on sugar is super important for every woman during menopause. You won’t regret it. There’s more info on my blog

Eat a bigger variety of veg. Each time you shop try to add in a new vegetable. Aim for 30 different varieties of fruit and veg (mainly veg) a week. This will improve your micro-biome (gut health), which is a corner stone for good health

Talk to your Friends

The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change that we’ll go through on this journey are complex, diverse and fascinating. We don’t need to go through this alone as previous generations did. We can be a massive support for each other and embrace it together.

Look for positive role models

Some of our fear around menopause is very much intertwined with fear of ageing. It feels a very important step to me that we turn around our negativity around getting older and begin to see it as an honour. Not every one gets the chance to grow old and how wonderful it would be if we valued this stage in our lives as much as or even more than youth. Many many post menopausal women that have been to our workshops have said how it’s the best stage of their lives.

Listen to some menopause podcasts

There are now loads of podcasts around menopause and they’re a great resource for advice and info.

Do what you love

It’s super important that we make time do do the things that fulfil us. There’s a fascinating change that happens in our brains as we travel through the menopause. We stop being so empathetic and become more concerned with ourselves and our own wants and desires. It’s our time to explore deeper parts of ourselves and discover our passions.